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Digimon 02: Michi he no Armour Shinka part 01

Armour Evolution Towards the Unknown (Michi he no Armour Shinka)
Part 01: Daisuke's Great Valentine Tactics

Summary: Daisuke is determined acquire a new skill that will impress girls so he gets lots of chocolate for Valentine's day.

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Daisuke: Daisuke's Great Valentine Tactics!

V-mon: Hey Daisuke. So what's your secret plan? Tell me! Trust only me!
Daisuke: I guess it can't be helped, but don't tell anyone, okay!?
Daisuke: The plan is intended for next week, February fourteenth: Valentine's Day!
V-mon: Valentine's Day?
Daisuke: Valentine's day is the only day in a year where girls give chocolate to the guys they like.
V-mon: Chocolate!? I want some too!
Daisuke: Exactly, I want some. That's what the plan is for, but I won't get any just by waiting.
V-mon: I've got it!
V-mon: [on loud speaker] Everyone! On Valentine's Day, I... V-mon will be counting on you!
V-mon: Like that?
Daisuke: No, no! You have to be manly so the girls will be like "oooooh! Daisuke-kun is soooo cool!"

Narrator: Thus Daisuke's training for Valentine's Day began.

[Target ~akai shougeki~ plays]

Daisuke: Armour Evolution Towards the Unknown

Yamato: So? What did you say you want me to teach you?
Daisuke: Well, the truth is that I've been thinking of starting up a band.
V-mon: Amazing, isn't it Gabumon?
Gabumon: A brat like him should stick to the washboard.
Daisuke: I'm... not a brat.
Daisuke: [to Yamato] Guitar and vocals.
Yamato: Can you play?
[Daisuke plays badly]
Yamato: Hey, listen... play properly, will you!? Why are you slurring the notes like that?
Daisuke: Well... I thought it would be cool. How 'bout this?
[Daisuke taps on the strings badly]
Yamato: You're ten years too early for Right Hand. Play normally.
[Translator's note: Right Hand is a Japanese term that refers to string tapping in general]
Daisuke: But I won't stand out if I do it normally... hmph!
[Daisuke plays better]
Yamato: Hmm... that's not too bad. Now while singing.
Daisuke: Right!
Daisuke: [Singing] You are pretty! Really pretty! So please give me chocolate!
Yamato: I'm sorry... but I think it'd be best if you gave up.
Daisuke: What!? It can't be!

Narrator: At about the same time that Daisuke was failing miserably, Hikari, Sora, Mimi, Tailmon, Piyomon and Palmon were shopping in a Ginza Department Store.

Hikari: Really, Mimi-san? You bought THAT much?
Mimi: Yeah. It's not for just Taichi-san and the others, but all the guys in America too.
Palmon: You have to be careful who to give obligation chocolate to. [1]
Tailmon: So, now that we've done our shopping, want to go home?
Sora: Oh! You guys go ahead, there's something I forgot to buy.
Piyomon: That's right! For homemade chocolate!
Girls: [surprised sounds]
Sora: Hey! Piyomon!
Tailmon: But... does that mean Sora and Yamato are going out?
Palmon: I wouldn't have guessed...
Sora: [Trying to change the subject] Ah! Oh yeah! Did I tell you that I found a shop that sells delicious cakes in Odaiba?
Mimi: Huh? But I don't think it's so unexpected. How interesting! I think they look good together!
Mimi: Hm... but don't you think they are both a bit unpredictable? I'm a little worried for them.
Sora: -And it's really delicious! Oh and their milk crepes are really delicious!
Tailmon: I see, because of their unpredictability, those those two are the most likely to get into fights out of all of the Chosen Children.
Hikari: Nothing can come out of fighting, can it?
Sora: Hey, want to go there and eat some now?
Mimi: But if they fought, wouldn't Yamato-san be the first one to give in?
Palmon: Yeah! Because Sora is more stubborn than Yamato.
Sora: [sounding frustrated] Ahhhh... They aren't listening to me at all! [Starts swinging her tennis racket]
Piyomon: Eh? What's wrong Sora-san? Swinging that around all of a sudden, could a tennis match be coming up?
Sora: I don't care who you are, just come at me! I'll be your opponent!
Piyomon: Sora! Calm down!
Sora: No way!
Strange man: Ow!
Sora: Oh! I'm sorry! I hit you! Are you alright!?
Strange man: I'm alright. By the way... do you know where I can find some hearts?
Hikari: Well... if you went to a register that carries chocolate...
Strange man: I see. Thank you.
Mimi: That guy is going to buy chocolate? Haha well in America, guys give girls chocolate on Valentine's Day, you know.
Hikari: Is that true? I wish they did that in Japan too.

Narrator: Hikari and the others did not know that that man was actually a Digimon. Meanwhile, Daisuke paid a visit to Koushirou's house.

[Daisuke rings the door bell]
Koushirou: Coming!
Koushirou: Why isn't it Daisuke?
Daisuke: [using polite speech] Actually I came to ask a favour of you.
Tentomon: What's wrong Daisuke-han? You're not talking like you usually do.
Daisuke: I do not mind if it isn't like me. In actuality I want to become someone who is skilled at using computers, like Koushirou-san. Will you co-operate with me in order to acheive this goal?
Koushirou: I'll teach you about computers, but could you stop talking like that? Somehow, it seems like you're mocking me
Daisuke: If you think I'm mocking you, that is your misunderstanding, Koushirou-san.
Koushirou: Is that so? I guess it was just my imagination.
Tentomon: So, what do you want to learn about computers?
Daisuke: Something that makes people who see it say "Woah! Using computers is amazing!"
Koushirou: If that's the case then graphic software would be good. Something 3D or Morphing.
V-mon: What's morphing?
Koushirou: It's this. Please take a look.
[Koushirou presses some buttons]
V-mon: Amazing! Daisuke's face and my face evolved!
Koushirou: This is the manual. Please look at it, Daisuke-kun.
Daisuke: Yes. Well let's see... like this?
[Warning buzzers go off]
Tentomon: What's wrong?
Daisuke: The mouse won't stop where I want it to! Hey! Stop already!
[Daisuke starts hitting the computer]
Koushirou: Ah! What are you doing!? Don't... hit my computer!!!!!
Daisuke: Eh?
Tentomon: Those who don't treat computers with care, shouldn't use computers!
Koushirou: J-just get out!
[The door slams shut]

V-mon: That's the first time I've seen Koushirou get so emotional.
Daisuke: I agree with your assertion.
Ken: Hey, Motomiya!
Daisuke: Oh, why isn't it Ichijouji-san?
Takeru: Wh-why are you talking like that?
Daisuke: Ah, and you are accompanying him, Takeru-san?
Patamon: Do you have a fever? You okay?
Daisuke: I appreciate your concern for me, but I am alright.
Wormmon: What's going on?
V-mon: Daisuke's changing his image.
Ken: That's not like you. That's not the Motomiya we know. We like the old you better.
Takeru: That's right. You're our battle commander! The Daisuke-kun that acts without thinking is better!
Daisuke: "Without thinking"? Don't make fun of me! I think about things all the time!!
V-mon: That's right. Something like, "What sidedish will mum make for dinner tonight?" or, "What game should I play now?"
Ken: About that much is fine, but please don't think any more than that.
Takeru: We like the usual Daisuke-kun.
Daisuke: [to himself] Hmph, why do they say such things...? I know... It wouldn't be good for them if I changed my image and became popular with the girls, so...
Ken: In any case, Motomiya, you should act more like- H-hey wait! Where are you going!? Listen to what I have to say until the end!
Daisuke: I don't have ears that listen, well see ya later!
V-mon: Ah! Wait for me, Daisuke!!!
Takeru: I wonder what's up with Daisuke-kun.
Ken: I'm worried. I hope nothing troublesome will happen...

Palmon: Huh? Hey, Mimi. Isn't that Daisuke and V-mon?
Mimi: Hm... you're right. Ah, what was I thinking about again?
Mimi: Oh no! My hat's blowing away again!
Mimi: Mama! Do you remember?! [2]

Cashier: Thank you very much. Next customer please.
Strange man: Give me a heart.
Cashier: Huh?
Strange man: A heart. I want a heart.
Cashier: If you're looking for a heart please choose from our merchandise.
Strange man: I can't buy one with money, because I want a real heart!!!!
[Cashier screams and the alarm goes off]

[1] Obligation chocolate is usually store bought chocolate, which girls give to their male classmates, coworkers, etc... whereas homemade chocolate is usually reserved for guys they really like.

[2] Lyrics from a song called "Straw Hat" which was used as the theme song to a 1977 movie called Ningen no Shoumei (Proof of Humanity)



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